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SPT Labtech

3D Animation, Video Production & Bespoke Exhibition Systems

SPT Labtech (formerly TTP Labtech) approached Freshsocks in 2016 and we have since produced a number of 3D animations covering many of their products. As a technology company servicing the life science industry, it's very important for them to provide customers with a clear understanding of how their products work and how they'll enhance their existing laboratory workflows.

SPT Labtech Projects

Here are a few projects we’ve been working on


A photorealistic 3D animation of SPT Labtech’s brand new state-of-the-art cryo-EM preparation instrument.


A stylised 3D animation demonstrating how SPT Labtech’s ingenious Lab2Lab system transports barcoded samples for automated analysis.

SLAS Projection

Designing, building and supplying a suspended projection cube for an exhibition in Washington, DC. This project included bespoke animations for projection.

Practical Action

Video Production, 360 VR, Animation & Illustration

Practical Action have projects all over the world and Freshsocks has had a chance to see quite a few of them first hand in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Keyna. We've produced quite a number of live action films, 360 VR films, animations and even supported them with graphic design.

Practical Action Projects

Here are a few projects we’ve been working on

The Killer in The Kitchen

In 2016 Practical Action asked Freshsocks to help them produce a campaign film for their smoke hoods project in Nepal. After travelling to some extremely remote areas to capture real peoples stories we were able to put together a total of 5 films.

Solar Water Pumps

Freshsocks travelled to a very remote part of Kenya to produce 3 campaign films for the charity Practical Action. These films focused on how solar powered water pumps could transform the life’s of the people struggling everyday with the deadly effects of climate change.

The Power of the Sun

Practical Action approached us to create an animation to support their solar power appeal. This project was a lovely blend of 2D and 3D assets.

Code Mobile UK

Conference Filming, Live Streaming & Interviews

Codemobile UK is an annual conference focusing on mobile app development and has speakers from all over the world from companies like Facebook, Google and the BBC. Since the beginning we've been helping Codemobile to film and live steam their event.