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360 Film & Virtual Reality

Achieve maximum engagement with your audience. We've travelled the globe producing virtual reality films for both training and charity campaigns.

360 Film

360 video has proved to be one of the most immersive ways to experience film. We’ve found it to be very popular with charities as it transports potential donors into places or situations they’d otherwise never experience.

360 Animation

360 animation can be overlaid on film to highlight key information or it can be used completely on it’s own, removing the need to film on location. It brings the immersiveness of 360 film but drastically expands the possibilities!

Get set up for VR!

Getting you and your audience set up to experience VR is more affordable than ever. We are ready to support you in your VR journey, with all your content needs and any technical support you may require.


"The Green Flood Guide"

A 360 VR training film for WWF and USAid

Freshsocks was approached to produce a 360 VR training film for WWF and USAid. The 360 films were to cover the flood prevention methods contained within the 'Green Flood Guide'. The project included a trip to Bangladesh and Nepal along with the delivery of a 360 3D animation.

We’ve been busy…

Here are a few projects we’ve been working on

Solar Water Pumps 360 VR

Client: Practial Action
Freshsocks travelled to a very remote part of Kenya to produce 3 campaign films for the charity Practical Action. These films focused on how solar powered water pumps could transform the life’s of the people struggling everyday with the deadly effects of climate change.

Green Flood Guide 360 VR

Client: WWF & US Aid
WWF and USAid wanted to create a 360 VR training film, which helped viewers to understand the different types of flood prevention methods contained in the ‘Green Flood Guide’ and how they worked together. This project alleviates the need for staff to visit global sites.