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Animation & Motion Design

Bespoke solutions to help promote or explain your products and services.

2D Animation

From company explainer videos to character driven films, animation is a fantastic way to keep an audience engaged and communicate a message in a clear and understandable way.

3D Animation

3D opens the door to photorealistic animation! Whether you need to accurately demonstrate how a product works or take a creative spin on a service you offer, 3D is a choice that will certainly make the competition envious.

Motion Design & VFX

Create visually stunning backdrops for your next event or integrate CGI effects into your video productions. Whatever the idea, we can select the perfect media to fulfil your vision.


What our customers say...

SPT Labtech (formerly TTP Labtech) approached Freshsocks in 2016 and we have since produced a number of 3D animations covering many of their products. As a technology company servicing the life science industry, it's very important for them to provide customers with a clear understanding of how their products work and how they'll enhance their existing laboratory workflows.

We’ve been busy…

Here are a few projects we’ve been working on

Kicked to the Kerb

Client: Southwark Council
Southwark Borough Council approached us to create a short animation to introduce their new kerbside strategy for the London borough.


Client: SPT Labtech
A photorealistic 3D animation of SPT Labtech’s brand new state-of-the-art cryo-EM preparation instrument.

The Power of the Sun

Client: Practical Action
Practical Action approached us to create an animation to support their solar power appeal. This project was a lovely blend of 2D and 3D assets.

Online Estate Agents

Client: Fearnalls
With the help of Nick Hancock for the voice over we put together a fun animation showing the benefits of using Fearnalls over a traditional estate agent.

PhysioMimix Organ-on-Chip

Client: CN Bio
CN Bio asked us to help them promote their new microphysiological system. It allows users to model human biology in the lab.

Arm Mobile Studio

Client: Arm Holdings
Arm designs the processors in most Android phones and the tools for developers to optimise their applications.


Client: SPT Labtech
A stylised 3D animation demonstrating how SPT Labtech’s ingenious Lab2Lab system transports barcoded samples for automated analysis.

Green Flood Guide 360 VR

Client: WWF & US Aid
WWF and USAid wanted to create a 360 VR training film, which helped viewers to understand the different types of flood prevention methods contained in the ‘Green Flood Guide’ and how they worked together. This project alleviates the need for staff to visit global sites.


Client: SPT Labtech
TTP Labtech separated from its parent company TTP Group and we helped promote the new name SPT Labtech.