The Project

Sandon Global approached Freshsocks to help with a film showing off the new facilities at their brand new factory in Runcorn.

Our Approach

We felt it was important to keep a modular format to ensure shorter films could be used at different events and within multiple social media posts. This meant a total of 7 films were created from the 2 day shoot along with arial photography of the new building exterior. As the factory building was brand new and never going to look this clean again, we felt it was important to make sure we filmed lots of b-roll footage which could be utilised in any future films. This helped to increase the return on investment for Sandon Global.


Client – Sandon Global
Studio – Freshsocks Media

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Return on Investment

To increase return on investment we delivered 7 films in total rather than the originally suggested single film, we also provided arial photography with the use of a drone. This gave the marketing team more material to share over all their different social media channels and allowed them to pick and choose which to use at exhibitions or within email marketing campaigns.

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