The Project

SPT Labtech needed assistance with the launch of ‘Firefly’ an innovative all-in-one liquid handling product, which brings together multiple technologies within a single compact design for more efficient NGS library preparation.

Our Approach

Freshsocks was tasked to further develop the initial concepts put forward by the brand agency and build a full set of digital assets to be used by the social, web, AR and live action production teams. With so many projects happening simultaneously it was extremely important that they all felt part of the same campaign.

Freshsocks produced a wide range of static and animated content, this included many light sequencing video backgrounds, 4 teaser films and the main launch film. We also helped out with LOTS of product renders!


Client – SPT Labtech
Studio – Freshsocks Media

Light Sequencing Backgrounds

Light sequencing streaks were created using XParticles, Redshift and Cinema 4D. They were used across all Firefly material and each design was representative of key product features.

Social Teasers Animations

In the build up to the launch we wanted to direct customers from social platforms to the launch website, enabling them to sign up for future product information. This meant creating 4 short teaser animations each focusing on different core benefits of the ground breaking product.

Compact, beautiful design
Intuitive, powerful software
Website Interactive Imagery

In the build up to the launch a new website was created with imagery for key features. We produced a number of teaser images for the website with the vision they’d be interactive when users engaged with them.

Video looks fantastic!

Client Feedback