The Project

The University of Chester’s Athletics Union wanted to ensure all students signing up to sports societies made a pledge to agree to treat others with respect no matter race, gender, sexual preference, disability or religion. Whilst signing the pledge students would watch a video of uncomfortable scenarios previously reported to Students Services.

Our Approach

With the ongoing pandemic and summer break, filming acted scenarios was going to be too tricky to organise. This resulted in us taking an animation approach. Due to the serious theme and target age we decided to use a graphic novel style, as it would help to keep the viewers engaged whilst also allowing us to focus heavily on the emotions of the discriminated characters.


Client – University of Chester
Studio – Freshsocks Media
Producer – Bekki Snowball, Steve Dunnington
Director – Steve Dunnington
Illustration – Darren Elwell
Animation – Steve Dunnington
Sound – Steve Dunnington
Voice – Steve Dunnington, Laurance Fielding, Bekki Snowball, John Elinson, Josh Smith, Cam’ron Gordon, Ruth Wong, Maham Arya, Yirandou, Mark Davies, Andrew Maclean, Danny Wong.

This is incredible... it’s come out even better than I thought. I am absolutely thrilled with this. Well done, you have nailed it.

Client Feedback